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We are camping at area BFE. When you get to BFE go straight through the first parking lot down to the 2nd parking lot. Then back behind the 2nd lot and to the right a little into the trees. You will see us all camping.

Bring your camping gear, food and water. You will want to make sandwiches in the morning to be able to stay out all day. It will get chilly in the evening.

We will put a plan together once everyone is there as to what trails we will be running. Some will run multiple hard trails pretty fast. Some will want to just review trails they will be leading and some will be taking it casual.

If you don't have a Charles Well book of Moab. I suggest getting one ASAP and familiarizing yourself with the trails.

I know our yearly challenge is to get more leaders for some of the harder trails like Moab Rim, Cliff Hanger and the Golden Spike. I was thinking of running Moab Rim and Cliff Hanger in one day since they are across from each other. Hopefully some people will be interested in training to lead those. Golden Spike has that new trail in it Where Eagles Dare that threw me off last year. If we have time we should run that. Granted that's a 3/4 day even when going fast.

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So, I wont' be able to make it until Friday night. I've never been to Moab or done a trail run before, what do I need to bring/do? You can PM if you want!
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