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Yes, wives and girlfriends are common and welcomed. It's primitive camping. No showers or toilets.

Some people like myself like to go out to dinner after the run, some people cook at camp. Nothing organized. We keep it loose. Except this year Dave and his wife will be providing breakfast burros' courtesy of CM. We all hook for at the central fire in the evening to discuss trails, the event and how we can become better leaders and gunners.

Originally Posted by akingf5371 View Post
Awesome, I'm fired up! I usually only backpack, so all my camping gear is stuff for that. A few questions, does anyone bring their wives usually? I ask because I was planning on inviting the GF, but wasn't sure what the protocol is. Also, are their showers/restrooms at BFE? I've never been and not sure what to expect. Also, what do we do for dinner? Is everyone on their own or what?
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