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Default I crazy?

I've excepted another job and will have to give up my company Tacoma. Can't afford another one and I trying to avoid a car payment. I was thinking a late 90's 4runner but the CFO said she wants a third row. I'd love to pick-up a 03 plus 100 series but thats way too much $$ now. Now I'm looking at early 2000's Tahoe's. I've driven several and they ride very nice and have exceptable power (the 5.3 vortec engine is very tough). Price seems to be very reasonable too. Tahoe's MPG is not too bad...15-19mpg.

Might be a dumb question here but should I hold out for a 100 series (any year) or pick up a well equiped Tahoe for $7,000-$9,000?

Anyone else have experience with second generation Tahoe's? Doug
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