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I had a 2003 Tahoe Z71(offroad version). I bought it brand new in late 02' when GM was just starting their 0% interest loans. I was able to order it just the way I wanted. I absolutely LOVED it. Never any trouble besides some minor issues once I got over the 140k mark.

It was my fishing/camping/hunting truck until 2009. I lived in NY and PA at the time. Took it offroad plenty. Pulled a drift boat, hauled canoes and kayaks on the roof (the rear bar of the roof rack is on rollers, set one end of the canoe on the rack and roll it right up), drove it to Colorado, Wyoming and Montana and back to Pennsylvania 5 times. I had the older style GY Wranglers and the truck was fantastic in the snow. Better than the 100 even.

I had the 2nd row bench instead of the captains chairs and 3rd row seats. The second row folds down completely flat and out of the way which gave my dog full access to the back windows, and gave me plenty of room to sleep back there. Not that its a huge deal, but the heated seats are the best I've sat in. The heated portion goes way up your back, so nice when you've been fishing in the cold and wet all day. I sold it for a 2006 4Runner in 2009. It had 161k on it. I put every single mile on it myself.

Look, I love my 100. But, if I had to choose something else and I couldn't afford a 200, I'd buy another Tahoe. I drove a 2008 Z71 (the newer version) and I really liked that too. Just my .02, but clearly I had a great experience with my Tahoe. I'd recommend the Z71 version.
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