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I looked at the Honda Pilots, they have a really cool fold away third row thats hidden when down. I can't go wrong with a Honda but I'm looking for something more rugged to pull our pop-up and trailers full of $hit.

I'm liking the Sequoia idea. I told the boss last night that we should just buck-up and get a loan for a nicer vehicle. I'm not talking crazy new car prices but something in the 10-12K range. That would buy a very nice Sequoia with around 100K miles. You just can't go wrong with a Yota.

Here is the biggest kicker in this whole vehicle swap...I'm going to be driving my wifes 93 Accord to work from here on out. Image me rolling onto construction job sites with this ride. F it...I'll be getting 30mpg and will drive the 40 every now and then to keep me happy.

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