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Default new car

We picked up a white 2013 Outback Limited this week. New Job next week, so losing the Chevy Equinox company car.... No love loss there on both fronts.. I think the visibility in the FJC was better than the Equinox...

This isn't it but I couldn't resist posting when I saw this..

Barry sent me a text and said "dude what is that like 4 cars in 4 years?" I had to write it down, to figure it out...

We have had a lot of cars in the last 8 years..

We have had:

2 Eurovan Campers, 2001, 2000
1 Passat Wagon 4motion 2007, not great gas mileage
1 Volvo XC70 wagon 2007, one of the nicest cars I have ever owned but a gas hog
1 FJ Cruiser 2008 ..awful with kids, visibility
1 4th gen 4runner 2007 great with kids, buried it in a river
1 2001 Land Cruiser 100 series, giant, great with kids and cruising the mall
1 Jetta TDI 2010, fun to drive, kind of small with kids
1 Chevy Equinox 2012.. not bad with kids, company car..

Um no I am not counting the 2 returns we had before the '07 4runner..Corbet beat you to that comment...

We are down to our new 2013 Outback and my '01 LandCruiser..

Actually we have done pretty well with most of these deals, buying low and taking care of the vehicle and selling for a good price, as well as trading in to reap the tax benefits.. ok who am I kidding, spent a few dollars but hey you only go around once, might as well try a few things and have fun!

Feel free to use this, if you want a new car and your wife is complaining about swapping cars..
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