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Originally Posted by Corbet View Post
Fear of a big cat sneaking up is part of the reason I brought Porter out two years ago to help pack out. He had a better set of eyes, ears, and a nose to keep a look out while we quartered it. Then he carried 30lbs of meat in his pack. Only bad part is he did not want to leave the carcass. He had that look of "I'd be just fine here for a few days dad".

A mule/jackass/donkey could do much more. I just don't want to deal with large livestock year round for a week worth of luxury.
Yeah, we've considered Llamas for the same purpose, but have never gotten them due to that reason: the rest of the year, you have a royal PITA to deal with.

In Bill's case, he has horses already, so the donkey isn't that much more work, and, like he said, the donkey can act as a protector for his mini-horsies during the rest of the year. Win Win for Bill.

I do hear ya on the cats. The last two years we've seen big cat tracks on the ground when packing out. For the first trip out, we just keep the rifles loaded, but on subsequent trips, we go to chest holsters and revolvers to keep the weight down.

Longest I've ever packed an elk: 4 miles. I really didn't like that by the second trip.

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