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Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post
Drew, have you used the .308 on Elk? I've been considering a .308 but it doesn't seem like it's as popular as some of the other suggested. Also worried about being able to find ammo for it. Actually saw an older Winchester 88 .308 recently that looked old school cool and the price was right.
So far my elk adventures have been wonderful hikes while holding a rifle That said, at the distances the .308 looses steam, I'm no longer comfortable taking the shot.

For me NATO calibers are what I'm sticking to as they're typically the easiest to source from regular places.

Originally Posted by wesintl View Post
It's a fine caliber as bill noted it shoots slightly flatter than the .06 and doesn't have as much recoil. Any lost energy down range is minimal and most people can't effectively shoot past 300 yards anyway.
Yeah, I'm comfortable at 300 yards, but I think most shots will be closer or a LOT farther, like across a ravine or canyon. Shooting well at long distances obviously increases your odds of filling the freezer.
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