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Originally Posted by RedCreeper View Post
Im available Wednesday morning if you need a hand. shoot me a PM and we can set something up.
sorry I've been busy. The weather is getting better, which is great! Except other stuff keeps getting in the way of finishing lol I'll be in my garage all day Sunday regardless of the weather getting it done.

Thank you Tim for coming over last Sunday and helping. We got the front two hood pins in place, and the ready for the back two and we also got the door bars done on the driver side.

Next up I'll be making a dash somehow of of my door bars, and I have to re-do the rear shock mounts as well as the last two hood pins. I think thats it as far as all of the fabricating. I have to close in the footwells too with expanded, that *should* be pretty easy.

Then I can bed line the interior and paint the new tube, and permanent mount stuff...Maybe even squirt the tins in a new shiny color
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