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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
It's been a long time since we bought a vehicle (I am the anti-Chris, I bought my trusty Hilux 13 years ago). What's the story on license plates when you buy a car? What do I need to get temporary ones? Looks like the county wants the title in hand to issue them, so how am I supposed to drive the thing home to keep from being pulled over? This would be a private sale, not looking at car dealers.
Dave, as stated above, you are fine with the bill of sale, title and insurance. Make sure you get insurance before.

That of course assumes you are buying a used vehicle from a private party. Dealerships will give you plates.

When I bought my 4runner, I called my insurance, got everything set up, but had them put it on hold until I was positive the deal went through. After I handed the guy cash and had the title in hand, I called the insurance guy, activated it, and had him email me the proof. I figured, if I got pulled over between there and the DMV, I'd explain the situation, show the cop the email on my phone and be okay.

At the DMV, I called the insurance guy and had him fax proof to them. Got my plates, and away I went.

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