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Originally Posted by AxleIke View Post
Eh, for 561 and 46 it is. Very little of those two is up above timber line, and we usually hunt 561 4th season so the snow is so deep we can't get into the really high stuff.

Generally we see animals in the timber, or on the edges of small meadows, and shots are under 100 yards.

I forgot about you in my previous post, as I know you've taken and made a ton of long shots.

So, I'm impressed with both you and Drew!

I evidently need a LOT more practice.

I agree that most shots are within 100 yards. In the thick quakies or edges of the dark timber you'll be lucky to see anything more than a glance of the animals at longer ranges. Many times you will hear or smell the animals and not see them. I like to hunt higher ground which gives you a second chance or and/or a choice on the animals when they think they think they are out of danger and stop to look back. If you don't know your tools trajectory you limit your options on that big bull or big buck when he looks back! Cows and does are best shot as close to the recovery vehicle as possible but big horns are worth the work! The last bull I shot, two years ago, was with my .460 pistol at 220+ yards.....typical story as we were calling it quits for the day and just hiked back up the mountain to where the Cruiser was parked. Across the meadow just outside of the dark timber tree edge 4 bulls were crossing through. My partner clocked his too with a .325 mag Encore. Both were solid hits. I should finish the story as it plays into other comments on this thread about kitties. Unit 44 (other side of the canyon from 39) has a high population of cats (cougar and bobcat), and bears. We got both elk just before sundown. As a rule of thumb if you drop game in the evening do not quarter in the same place you gut them! Predators always love the gut dinner before the meat! We took turns gutting and butchering while the other stood guard with pistol in hand. It was scary as heck hearing what was happening a couple yards away at the gut piles while we worked to get the meat out to the vehicle! The next day we went back to see if we left anything we wanted and the amount of cat tracks was very unsettling! Dang I love hunting! Just retelling the story makes me itch to go again!
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Welcome. Lots of "northsiders" here in the club. We're known to have some of the strongest, coolest and most awesome club members.
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Cruisers are superior
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