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Originally Posted by AxleIke View Post
300 yards! That is outstanding Drew! You are one steady dude.

I can barely hold steady enough for 100 yard shots, and that is at a range. With adrenaline pumping, and out of breath from hiking a ridge at 11,000 feet, I completely missed at 50-60 yards this past season, though, to assuage my ego, it was a moving shot.

I've made a 100 yard shot (longest I've ever even seen an elk out hunting), but that was leaning the rifle against a tree. Free standing would have been another miss.

Needless to say, I'm impressed, you are a much better shot than anyone I've met before

Do you have a good local place to practice? After last season, I decided I need to be getting out more, as my accuracy has gotten a lot worse since high school when I actually knew how to shoot.

I'd love to find a really private place to go up in the forest, to avoid exhorbitant range fees, and avoid other people all together, but I imagine that is a pipe dream in this day and age.
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I grew up on long guns with my pops. Please be clear I haven't taken an Elk at 300 yards, but I am comfortable with taking a shot at that range and not wounding/missing the animal due to confidence in my ability. Hitting it is another thing entirely

FWIW, I would drop to a knee, lean on a tree, go prone... anything to get an advantage. A square static range and busting you butt up a mountain while huffing and puffing are VERY different situations for a shot. That said, if I had a clear shot at 300 yards, I wouldn't hesitate to take the shot based on my fundamentals. 300 yards with good glass and a good trigger aren't out of the reach for the average Joe with lots of trigger time down range and a little skill. Shooting is a diminishing skill, gotta practice to keep up your skills. I shoot year round, not as much as some but more than most.

And yes, I have a few spots out in the national forest that let you reach out and play at distance. Snap shooting at 10" reactive steel targets are the best way to gain confidence... it gives you some stress and reveals all your weaknesses.
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