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Default Checking myself before I wreck myself... 220v wiring.

So a sub panel is the right way to do this... But that ain't gonna happen for a while with a new baby and other house priorities.

I want to tap into the dryer's 220v outlet and run an extension cord into the garage, about a 5 foot run to get into the garage.

I had a 25' 10/3 wire laying around so I thought I would wire up an extension cord for the welder that I have. 220v Lincoln 175t if it matters.

I just want to make sure my electric is up to snuff.

My welder is a 3 prong plug and my dryer is a 4 slot outlet.

If my memory serves me correctly, I will wire up one end of my extension cord with all three wires Blk (hot) Wht (hot) and Green to the ground.

On the other end of the extension cord I will wire up 3 of the 4 slots, both hots and the ground but the nuetral slot will remain unused on the end of the extension cord.

Nuetral in this application would just be there to run any 120v aspect of an appliance right? Like a light or a clock?

Fwiw, I am not wanting to burn in huge slabs of steel at this point in my life but I have a few light projects I'd like to get after. My welder is a 30amp machine. The outlet is on a 30 amp circuit.

Thanks in advance.
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