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Fuel injected over carb any day! LT1's are car engines and thus the torque peaks are higher RPM than that of the truck engines. You are already used to that with the 283 so 300hp over 200hp will be hugely noticeable! 700r4's are great tranny's as they have a 3.04 first gear plus a tall over drive. They bolt up to the same t-case adapter the t350 does. If the tranny is from a 2wd car or truck you will have to install the 4wd tail shaft which isnt that hard to do but does require unstacking the tranny to put it in. Another factor you might not know about an LT1 is it was the first GM engine to run reverse direction, which means that of course the crank spins normally but the water pump is spun backwards which requires a unique pump and correct cooling fan. The wire harness and ecu are fairly basic as the LT1 is an early OBD setup. Long time Toyota head Jon Davis has a tweaked LT1 in his FJ-62. I think he is running a 700r4 as well. I can get you contact info if you need it. That 62 is a running beast! Good luck on the project and welcome! Old Broncos are AWESOME!
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