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We had a good crew and good times. The repair on my front air air line at the diff didn't hold so I had no front locker. No a big deal. But, I found myself bouncing more than usual. I aired down as low as I have ever been. That didn't resolve it. So it's either my older tires or suspension mods I have done lately. I will be working on that.

We didn't speed run multiple trails in a day. Instead, per Corbet's suggestion, we took our time and ran the trails thoroughly. Paying attention to trouble spots, proper lines to take, how different vehicles behaved and where the side hikes are etc.

I took a crew up Moab Rim Fri. as another group ran Cliff Hanger. We identified another optional hike on Moab Rim to see all the Pictographs. I think that will make for a great trail run.

Dave had a brake line issues on Cliff Hanger but got off the trail fine and had it repaired by the next morning.

Sat. we ran Behind the Rocks and made a day of it. The first obstacle was a little challenging. But, we figured out the proper line. We turned around at the top of White Knuckle, ran part way back then hit the dunes on the way out. That is a good way to make that trail a good "difficult" run.

We didn't get to run Flat Iron Mesa. But, we will have Neil ask the BLM to put it on the trail list for next year and work it at next's years pre-run.

Dan K. took Farham and I out the Delores Triangle road to Junction. That was fun. Then we got caught up in snow storms and havoc on Vail pass and the on the Eisenhower tunnel. That wasn't very fun but we all got through. Just big delays, accidents and truckers not putting their chains on until they spun out and partially blocked the road.

A big thanks to Dave and Idelle for making all those breakfast burritos. They were great. Thanks to Corbet's Durango Crew for coming out and working on the trails. They were well prepared and will be very valuable as trail leaders and gunners.

I also took very few pictures. Here is one of Corbet's dog. He had an accident and a trail repair was needed at the trailhead of Moab Rim. The 3rd one is Dave K. running up Hummer Hill.
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