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Default Spring 2013 Ham & Eggs Run

This thread is to plan a pre-Cruise Moab radio tune-up. Location and date to be determined, but looking at Saturday, April 13 at 0900MDT.

Tentatively plan on a location on the north side, probably Boulder, Louisville or Broomfield sort of thing. Need to find an open space with free parking and not a lot of local RF. But I'll keep it flexible for now until I see how many people plan to attend. If there is a large south attendance I might move it more central.

Location is CO66 and I-25, approximately behind the U-Haul Storage at exit 243 (you can see that from I-25).
GPS coordinates 40.1999,-104.982358

Previous runs have had the group meet for breakfast if small enough or if more than a couple of ham we'll all bring something for buffet in other years. Doing the pot luck I think works best so unless there's a mutiny please consider bringing egg & ham to eat or share. I will get a pot of Einstein's coffee & bagels.

The purpose is to tune up CB, VHF, UHF and HF antennas and fix straightforward radio problems. There will be basic tools & parts (like connectors, coax), test equipment, a soldering iron. Please don't expect to do a complete installation or extensive troubleshooting & diagnostics on your gear.

I will have a small HF-capable station set-up to operate and demonstrate if there's interest.

This will coincide with a couple of special events. A couple of stations will be commemorating the 101st anniversary of the journey of RMS Titanic. W1MGY will be on the air 1400Z-2030Z (we are GMT-6 in MDT), so maybe we'll hear them and log a contact. Also W4S will be operating on 4/13-4/14 1400Z-2000Z to remember the sinking (it hit the iceberg on the 14th and she sunk on the 15th).

Also NI6IW will be activated 1600Z-2259Z for an event. NI6IW is the USS Midway (CV-41), Decommissioned 1992, San Diego. The event highlights the creation of the Navy Chief Petty Officer Grade on April 1, 1893. Don't have much additional information on the event.
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