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Originally Posted by Snowrun View Post
The bill is a good step forward. They should have passed the proposed "Jessica's law" as well. It seems the current state government is just making token gestures that have no teeth. The recidivism rate of sexual predators is staggering. I think the 25 year minimum sentence proposed in "Jessica's law" would have done a lot more to stop predators.
At least they made a little progress.
I wouldn't call today's law a token gesture. Reporting to authorities is the first "big step" to prevention of further abuse. In my sister-in-laws line of work, she has been called into countless situations where predators find access to children and youth sports is near the top of the list.

What it means is that no longer is a coach allowed to determine when something should or should not be reported. They have to report or face prosecution and it takes the pressure off of them to have any conflicts of interest. My wife is also mandated reporter in her practice, as a child therapist.

I am not sure about Jessica's law, but agree that if convicted, 25 years does not seem long enough. My wife says the experts in this field believe these people have no business re-entering society. They are not able to be cured.

There is a great seminar my wife organized for the parents of our children's school. It was really helpful, if anyone is interested, I can find the person's name that puts on the seminar.
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