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Honestly, I think we should let Fishy out hunting.

This is a good law. My wife is also a mandatory reporter. She did some time in the JeffCO DA's office while in Law School, and is now a Guardian Ad Lidem in Adams county.

This will further help get kids taken out of the home. FWIW, very few ChoMo's (that is prison slang for child molester) are not related to the child.

The unfortunate part is that when the child is being molested by their father, mother, aunt, uncle, grandparent, the case is nearly impossible to prosecute successfully, because kids are terrible witnesses, and generally, the child is the only witness to the crime. Kids automatically respond to an authoritative figure, and the defense attorneys are authoritative. The kid will change their testimony on the stand almost every time, or will forget what happened by the time they get to trial, and the perpetrator walks.

That said, complaints of sexual abuse will get the kids removed from the home by social services, which is a good step. But, unless the abuse is proved, the kids can end up right back in.

I also have some dark thoughts where I keep my version of justice for ChoMo's. I'll refrain from repeating.

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