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Originally Posted by Jacket View Post
Even better - check out this LV. Body looks pretty good in the pictures.
"If you are looking for the Toyota Land Cruiser (1964 FJ45) I would refer you to E-bay as I can no longer take the inquiries by phone. Over 500 in 24 hrs is too much. Thanks"

A little bit of internet skills and....

Name:  $T2eC16h,!)cE9s4PvnfdBRTHwEID9w~~60_3.JPG
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Name:  $T2eC16d,!zcE9s4g3iMjBRTH)mR3ng~~60_3.JPG
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Name:  $T2eC16Z,!)UE9s3wDdqRBRTH)rRGz!~~60_3.JPG
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Name:  $T2eC16N,!zUE9s389zOcBRTHyD(4iQ~~60_3.JPG
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Name:  $T2eC16JHJHYE9nzpcwwGBRTH)Ywtrg~~60_3.JPG
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Name:  $T2eC16h,!ysE9sy0k0QCBRTH)-U0k!~~60_3.JPG
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