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Just got off the horn with Faxon, none of 2001 in stock. She's calling around to see what she can shake loose. I have been watching eBay for a couple of weeks. Tried to buy a set with a max bid of $275 and lost out to an eventual high bidder of $365. This for the two-volume repair manuals, no electrical manual or anything.

The reason for the question in the first place was to see if I could widen the net beyond 2001. If I can find 2002-2004 for a decent price I might go that way. Faxon has used 2002 for $229 ($140 is what Helms lists as new, but no stock). Sometimes I wonder what Toyota is thinking. These trucks are starting to come to the people who will be keeping them going for their second decade and the market is stymied.
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