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Originally Posted by nuclearlemon View Post
engine swaps are great if you don't have to deal with emissions.

1fz...i've got one sitting in my garage.
Really....interested in selling? I did find a 97 1fz with documented 105,000 miles that has a new head gasket and head checked for $1800. The guy said nothing was wrong with the engine to begin with and it was going into a Lexus LX450 but there was some issue with the registration. The guy seemed to be a honest dude. He would even install turn-key for $2,600. What do you think of those $ numbers?

I was planning to swap myself but now I'm wondering if this might be a better route. I would have around $5,500 into rig that has 187,000 with a 105,000 mile engine and no lockers (no biggie). I need to check out the TLC but it looks very clean from the pictures. Worth fooling with?
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