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Default Bolting up a winch bumper, hardware questions

So I have a new bumper I bolting up to my cruiser, its a HFS CCOT winch bumper. I am wondering about what kind of bolts to use to mount it up.

I have used 3/8" grade 5 carriage bolts in the past and it never tore off, nor did I use it super hard. I like the look of the carriage head bolts on the bumper.

Can I stick with that or should I bump them up to 1/2" bolts? The CCOT bumper has holes large enough to use 1/2" bolts without drilling, but the frame horn extensions on the 40 will need to be opened up to 1/2".

There are 10 bolts all together. I am thinking grade 5 is still overkill, but I thought I would ask if I need grade 8 1/2" bolts? I gotta' buy new bolts either way so I thought I would ask. I am using grade 8 to bolt the winch to the bumper.

Thank you... discuss.
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