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Default Need opinions of purchasing a 97 80

I was rambling about this in the tech section but I've changed directions so I'm posting here. Found a 97 80 series, 187,000, w/o lockers and a bad engine knock for $2,800. Looks to be in great shape from the pics but I need to see it for myself (I will post pictures this weekend). I've also found a 97 4.5 with 105,000 documented miles and new headgasket/checked head/seals/water pump for $1,800. I'm going from the word of the seller on the engine but by nature I'm a trusting person. A visual inspection of the engine should confirm most concerns.

Option 1: buy both and install the engine myself. With fluids and other misc. stuff, I'm budgeting $5,000.
Option 2: buy both and have the engine installed and with a warranty. Cost equals $5,500.

This all seems like a reasonable price to pay for nice DD rig with a low milage engine. Sure, lockers would be nice but I sold my built 80 and bought a 40 for wheeling. Now I just miss my 80 for overall dependability (don't get me started with my current nightmare DD). What am I not seeing as a negative to this deal? Doug
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