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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Huh, interesting. I'm coaching 4yo's right now and they didn't mention anything about reporting when I signed up. I did have to fill out a quick background check deal, but that's it.. I guess the info I need will be forthcoming, when its determined I need it.
You should probably be proactive and look into it...Not sure when the new law takes effect but I'm guessing there are ramifications hear to a coach that doesn't report something and you don't want to be that coach...

I'm all for protecting children but it drives me nuts that we need laws to try and force people to do what should be common sense to do - I'm always leery about new laws because I think politicians have proven they, or more likely their aids, are pretty bad about writing non-nebulous laws and there are so many caveats to something like this. What happens if you see a kid with a bruise and she/he says she/he did it while playing? Do you report that as a possible case of abuse? If you don't, then what happens to you should it be determined later that there was abuse? What if you report it as a possible case which causes the family to be investigated, the child to be removed from the home for some amount of time, only for it to be determined that there wasn't any abuse? Does that family come after you?

Like I said, I'm all for protecting children but that goes both ways and I've seen/read about some pretty tragic things happen to families in the interest of "protecting the kid" even when the evidence is thinner than a hair.

I hope this new law really works out as planned...
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