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Originally Posted by Telly View Post
I was rambling about this in the tech section but I've changed directions so I'm posting here. Found a 97 80 series, 187,000, w/o lockers and a bad engine knock for $2,800. Looks to be in great shape from the pics but I need to see it for myself (I will post pictures this weekend).
Step one, make sure it is what you think it is. Don't get emotional and make sure you look at it really good.

I've also found a 97 4.5 with 105,000 documented miles and new headgasket/checked head/seals/water pump for $1,800. I'm going from the word of the seller on the engine but by nature I'm a trusting person. A visual inspection of the engine should confirm most concerns.
Here I am always skeptical. How is it documented? Proof of the rest of the items done? Headgasket done by who? $1800 is good money for just a motor, but it is worse if you actually end up with a core.

Option 1: buy both and install the engine myself. With fluids and other misc. stuff, I'm budgeting $5,000.
Option 2: buy both and have the engine installed and with a warranty. Cost equals $5,500.
What is the warrantee. If you do it, "your while you are in there" costs is going to go up a lot. If a shop do it, are they going to check over the rest?

If you end up with $6k or $7 in this, is it really worth it vs just buying one for that price?

Also this only addresses the motor, what about the rest of the truck?

This all seems like a reasonable price to pay for nice DD rig with a low milage engine.
100k miles is not really low. Also why was the headgasket done at such low mileage?

Sure, lockers would be nice but I sold my built 80 and bought a 40 for wheeling. Now I just miss my 80 for overall dependability (don't get me started with my current nightmare DD). What am I not seeing as a negative to this deal? Doug
Unforeseen costs making it spiral into a mess. Second is time, unless you like wrenching it might not be the best investment of your time.
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