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Default Tacoma Frame Rust

If you don't know first gen Taco frames were made by Dana in CA and they screwed up the rust coatings (as in often didn't even do it). Mainly 1995 to 2000 but I guess all 99-04 can get it. I did hit the frame on our truck before buying and seemed solid, but crawling around cleaning and greasing I found some rust that I didn't see initially, above the shock mount.

So took our new-old truck into Petersen Toyota in Ft Collins and had them do the frame inspection for rust, they said it was fine. But I have my doubts that they are fully informed because I understood that Toyota was supposed to do an anti-rust coating on frames that were not rotten. The service writer didn't seem to know this and I'm not even sure he knew Tacomas had a frame rust issue in the first place.

Anyone got more info on this? I'm concerned now, more than initially even though I thought I was fully informed when I bought the truck and did a hasty impact test. Anyone had a Tacoma inspected? Which dealer did you go to?
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