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Pic of the truck. Totally plain Jane. Even still wears the OE shocks.

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The small spot on the side of the frame I knew about. Figured a 11 year old truck was bound to have little issues like that. I was going to wire brush all the scale, spot treat things like this with rust converter and paint the whole frame. Did that to my '91 when I got it and the frame looks good on it. I also spray inside the vents with WD40 all the time, just like using Frame Saver on a steel bicycle.

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The one I didn't notice when I looked at it (but I was more concerned with the frame at the forward spring hangers, where mini trucks rot anyway). It was clean when I looked at it but there was more road spray under there, so I must have cleaned off some dirt at the car wash. Plus the flash highlights the rust color, it's less obvious to the eye.

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In a way that rear stuff doesn't bother me as much. Toyota cheapened Tacoma frame compared to Hilux by not boxing in the rear section. But that works in my favor because I can scrape and paint the outside and inside of the frame there. It's fully boxed forward of the axle and thus harder to work inside.
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