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Couldn't tell you how cruise works in a 1997, but for 1999 to 2004 without electronic throttle and manual transmissions the kit is Toyota PT474-35981. There is a different one for automatics, PT474-35980.

In 2001 Toyota started rolling out ETCS, which in first gens was just a partial throttle by wire. These trucks (like 2005+) don't even need the actuator kit, they just need a couple of sensors added and the control buttons on the wheel. Few 2001 have ETCS (Limited only and even then it's rare), but I think by 2004 more of them had it.

The kit is the actuator that goes under the dash (it physically moves the pedal), brake and clutch switches, a wiring harness, steering wheel button pod and the controller that piggybacks on the ECU. Should be about $250 with our discount.

I think for pre-1999 trucks the kit would have a different set up. The throttle body on my '91 has a channel parallel to the pedal actuated cable, which I believe held a second cable for the cruise control actuator.
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