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Didn't want to pull the box off and had no plans to box the frame. But gusseting might be necessary and if that happens the box comes off and the frame gets boxed. We do intend this as our everday and road trip truck and expect at least a decade more service from it. The thing runs great and doesn't rattle or even have worn off switch labels and stuff. :-/

This truck probably won't even get an ARB or anything, at least no time soon. Heck, who knows, this one might not be around in 10 years because of the rust and Imelda gets her wings in a 3.4L swap...

I do need a rear bumper. Mine is still bright and shiny but has a dimple in it. I was thinking about getting one from Brian up at Front Range so I also get a receiver and shackle points at the same time. But the prospect of $600 and doing more frame resto than I thought, I put that on the back burner.
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