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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
Mainly cause the frame was designed, like Jeff said, for 10mm bolts. It annoys me that even Land Cruiser specific vendors don't build their stuff with metric hardware in mind. I'm surprised CCOT doesn't provide hardware to help make the decision easier. MAF provides 3/8" hardware with their bumpers and that helps people make the decision, and most don't worry about it. 3/8" aren't that much smaller than 10mm. Shrug.

If Drew wants to "bastardize" his frame with 1/2" holes, he can certainly go for it. But then he'll become a PO ()

(note this is just my opinion, I know and understand there are other opinions out there. Because Drew's truck is stockish with mostly bolt-on accessories, it seems to make sense to not go down "that" road. If it were Wild Rice we were talking about, then do whatever the heck you want cause there ain't no going' back! (and that's a good thing ))
Ah! That makes sense.

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