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Isaac I have the Ultra Gauge II that you are welcome to borrow for an extended period of time. At only $60, it's actually pretty sweet what it does

And I just bought a OBD2 WiFi cable. this one, in fact

But I haven't been able to get it to work yet, can't seem to hack the IP address, etc., but plan to spend an hour or so in the car tomorrow night with a laptop and try to get it working- all my laptops were at work this week, so it's been tabled until then. My longer term plan is to run all the real time monitoring and diagnostics from an iPhone. I've spent the last 2 weeks watching intake air temp, throttle position, and coolant temp on the Ultra Gauge, which really makes the commute a little more entertaining. I can't believe how hot my little commuter likes to run...

I think the App to get is called Rev, I have the free version but haven't popped for the pay one yet, still waiting on a functional OBD wifi setup. There are many others out there though, check the app store. And if you don't have an iphone, then you have even more options, from what I have heard.
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