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Only special people can tweak Toy ECU's and I dont know anyone that special. In order to change tune on Toy ECU's you need a piggy back computer. I really like Spit Second. BTW....URD rebadges Spit Second products. You can buy the cable off ebay and there is great free-ware diagnostics out there! You really need a laptop as even scan ware needs to data log so you can see what heppens when. Piggy Backs do not change ECU programming but rather they lie to the ECU, by altering sensor signals so the ECU compensates thus allowing you to tune. When building a new map you will have the ecu parameters on your screen AND the piggy backs spread sheet map on the screen. To properly tune you also need a wide band O2 sensor in place so you can see whats real and not what the ECU thinks it sees. Gadget is the guru when tuning Toyotas, especially 3.4's. Gadget is the owner of URD. He has sooooo much info written up and shared on line you can get one hell of an education in the process once your migraine goes away!
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