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Default Glass handling safety thoughts

Funny thing, I often think I'm pretty safe and that whatever I'm doing is "just fine". I've probably only had 3 close calls in my life where I look back and say, "wow, that was not smart". Well, Friday was another one of those for me.
There was a large piece of glass that was up for grabs at work, and I thought I would take it home and use it as a whiteboard. Mind you, this is not the first time I've had a large piece of glass, and the previous one was larger and thicker than this one. I moved it probably three times, and never had an issue.

Long story short, I had a coworker helping me move this 4x8x.5" glass after work. It turned out I couldn't get it in the elevator, and I didn't want to risk tipping it down the stairs. I decided to bag it, so we moved it back from the elevator lobby back to the office. I stooped down to set my end down and my hand got pinched between the glass and the ground. I said, "hang on, I gotta slide my hand out".....that's when the full sheet exploded.

Both of us wound up with some pretty deep gashes, even from tempered glass. His shirt looked like a shotgun blast went through it, my pants were ripped, and both of our hands were bloody. I honestly had no idea. I had seen tempered glass break before, but it was always on cars, and never with much drama. This was COMPLETELY different. All I can say is wow....glad neither of us had our eyes open, and that our injuries were fairly insignificant. I probably should get 4 stitches in my leg, but some super glue seems to be doing the trick. I've also been picking glass shards out of my hair for two days..... That'll be the last time I work with tempered glass thinking that it's "safe" compared to plate. Full gloves, glasses, thick full sleeve shirts and pants. OSHA baby.
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