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Originally Posted by ScaldedDog View Post
I use AE on a laptop, but if you're just wanting to look at OBDII parameters in real time, take a look at the Torque app for your phone. For less than $50, total, you can have a set of gauges showing anyting the PCM can see. I use it all the time on my PowerStroke.

Mark, what is AE?

Originally Posted by coloradobound View Post
Pretty sure the obd-ii software I have on my phone reads via a Bluetooth connection has real time reading on a ton of different levels. No tuning though since I thought you really couldn't do a lot with the Tacoma ecu.
Do you buy a kit for the phone? Something that plugs into the OBDII

Originally Posted by thefatkid View Post
I don't know much about aftermarket OBD-II scanners. I don't have one worth anything at this point. I was looking at Techstream light (by Toyota) but that would be for work and could justify the $450 price tag. For the average person to use it would not be very cost effective.

As far as being able to "tune" a Toyota ECU, good luck. Toyota never released the information (language) to the pubic market. No aftermarket programmers can reflash a Toyota ECU at this time other then to install factory programs. Fuel and timing maps can not be changed by the end user at this point. This is why URD and other piggy backs are popular.
Good to know Brian. Is the Techstream something that would be useful to shade tree mechanics such as myself? Or is it just pissing money away because it has more features than we'd be able to use? What are you using now?

My inner geek is shocked by the idea that these haven't been cracked. I didn't realize that, nor did I realize the language would be that difficult to mess with. My curiosity is now very piqued. I need to look into more information.

Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
Only special people can tweak Toy ECU's and I dont know anyone that special. In order to change tune on Toy ECU's you need a piggy back computer. I really like Spit Second. BTW....URD rebadges Spit Second products. You can buy the cable off ebay and there is great free-ware diagnostics out there! You really need a laptop as even scan ware needs to data log so you can see what heppens when. Piggy Backs do not change ECU programming but rather they lie to the ECU, by altering sensor signals so the ECU compensates thus allowing you to tune. When building a new map you will have the ecu parameters on your screen AND the piggy backs spread sheet map on the screen. To properly tune you also need a wide band O2 sensor in place so you can see whats real and not what the ECU thinks it sees. Gadget is the guru when tuning Toyotas, especially 3.4's. Gadget is the owner of URD. He has sooooo much info written up and shared on line you can get one hell of an education in the process once your migraine goes away!
I will check it out UB. Thanks. I need an edumechation on this stuff, as I'm hankering to mess with it now.

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