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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
The more I think about the more I convince myself to do something. :-) I'm gathering stuff to clean up the rust, paint it and rustproof it. So might as well do some frame strengthening now before I coat everything and put the camper on it.

Yes, you are right Nakman...

From what I see fully boxing in the frame might be more work than I think is necessary, though (would prefer not to remove the box for one). You have more experience with Tacos than me. I'd want to retain the stock BPV, shock, gas tank and spare mounts.

That isn't a problem.

I've also seen people weld reinforcement to the outside of the frame over the axles. Does this really help prevent the frame from rippling under the box? If so this might be an option that's easier and achieves some of the benefits. I'll probably order up CBI's plates, I like the looks of them.

Boxing the frame helps with frame flex. It is designed to stiffen the frame to prevent twisting. plating the outside will help a little with this because it is harder to twist a thicker piece of material. It will certainly help with the "tearing" issue, if the plates go across the weakened area, and don't terminate at the area of concern.

Honestly, for your use, A plate across the outside should take care of the concern. The twisting is going to be an issue if you are seriously rock crawling, hauling heavy loads, and are pushing a ton of horse power. From what I know of your intended use, boxing everything in may be overkill. But, up to you.

I also see some people reinforce the front frame horns. I might one day put a bumper on, but even if not, is this section of frame known to be weak in a non-SAS situation? What about the section that transitions down from the box to parallel under the cab, forward of the spring hanger? Isn't that the spot where most frames eventually rust and bend?

In my opinion, this is not worth doing on the front, but a plate across the transition from cab to box could be worthwhile. There is nothing up front to stress the frame on these trucks (non SAS), except an aftermarket bumper and winch, but that can be fixed if you decide to go that route down the road. Even there, it would take a lot of winching to mess up the frame. My dad's 04 has a 4WC Hawk in the bed, and an ARB with a winch, and we've done a couple of good pulls on it, plus it got whacked in a parking lot ( direct side hit to the ARB by a plow truck) pretty good, and absolutely no frame damage, bumper was easily repaired at a shop, and it was all good to go. But, easy enough to do if you want to.
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