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Your dos pesos are worth a lot to me, Isaac, you of all people have no need to qualify your advice. ;-)

My thinking right now is it's most important to do some sort of strengthening of the frame. I know boxing is best and probably inevitable. Plates are a band-aid and not a complete solution. Still, a lot of people have been successful in stiffening the frame, taking out most of the twist just doing gussets on the outside.

I am constrained to trying to finish the fab part in a day if I want to do it now. Which means allowing for FUBARs, painting, etc. it's at least a weekend project. I think it's easier to justify doing plates more-or-less correctly right now than hoping to pull off a proper boxing of the frame even in a weekend. If (when) I box in the frame I want to consider maybe moving shocks, maybe a custom cross member for a second fuel tank. Not to mention things like bracket alignments and customization that boxing surely will involve. Adding plates by themselves is a lot of work but there seems to be a pretty low risk of major gotchas tangents that derail summer plans...

I'd also like to get a few miles of seat time before deciding. I mean, for Goodness sake, I still have temp tags on the thing and just 106.7K on the clock (just 200 of which are mine). If I can keep the frame sound for a few years more I have plenty of time to go crazy on it. I think plates on the outside buy me that time.
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