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I'm new to this forum, been around 4-wheeling and Toyotas in Colorado for about 15 years. I was involved with TTORA in Colorado early on... kind of fell away from that group as things evolved.

I had a '76 FJ40 in high school, sold it in college, got a '99 Tacoma, sold that 2 years ago for an '07 double cab Tacoma, but always missed the 40. This past weekend I finally found the right deal on another '40 and brought home a '77.

So, now the fun starts all over. My '76 was all original in great shape. This '77, not so much. The first priority is smog compliance. I'm looking for a picture of what I should have so I can figure out what's missing, but for sure the smog pump isn't there. Any help there or leads on equipment would be appreciated.

The next order of business is an oil leak from the front... perhaps timing cover? Any helpful hints there?

Third strange item is that it has fiberglass fenders and when they were installed it seems like the whole front clip is loose. The side panels don't attach to the tub or something?

There are a whole bunch of other little strange items to take care of (both mirrors are broken and point at the ground, windshield wipers don't work, missing the seat belt/brake warning light, etc. etc. etc.) but these things are the biggest I think.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice!

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