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Thanks for the welcome!

The imperfect thing is going to be rust... and the bad paint job. It's red over yellow. But for the price I paid (especially considering what they seem to be going for these days!), I think I got a good deal.

That said... it seems like I maybe should have looked into this emissions stuff a bit more seriously before i spent my dough. After reading that ih8mud thread and getting more than a little glossed over, I fear I may be in way over my head... if I can even figure out what I need, can I find the parts??!

I'll post up the build date, pictures, and other information this evening. A Haynes Manual and hopefully a FSM are on my short list. I'm not very mechanical but am anxious to learn!

I'd love to attend a meeting... unfortunately, 1st Wednesday of the month is also a Fire Department training night. Maybe sometime down the road!
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