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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
I left a Pyrex dish on the stove and accidentally turned the wrong burner on. Turned around and was doing something in the sink when it exploded, sending shards of hot glass everywhere. Luckily they just bounced off me, but some of them melted into the linoleum a little bit. Oops. Sorry to hear about your incident.
We blew up a Pyrex in the oven once incorrectly following a recipe. It was quite the explosion. But I did some reading about them since I thought they were supposed to be able to handle temperature extremes better. Obviously nothing is totally perfect but the handed down knowledge probably originated from pre-WWII Pyrex.

Turns out Pyrex changed the bakeware about 60 years ago from the borosilicate glass to a tempered soda lime glass that's pretty good but not as good with thermal shock. Soda lime is better for impacts, which is why I figured they made the change. Or it might have been material shortages in WWII or that the inventor of borosilicate glass was German. I dunno.

Corning started Pyrex close to 100 years ago and they are the ones who made the change originally for whatever reason. Corning I believe still makes borosilicate glassware for labs and AFAIK European Pyrex goods (made by a different company) are still borosilicate.
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