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Default PTO Winch Disassembly Question Roller Fairlead

Hoping this topic does not result in a Classifieds posting...

I am trying to take apart the fairlead assembly on my PTO winch, and the lower horizontal roller is seized on the long bolt that it rides on. This is also the bolt that connects the two brackets that mount the upright rollers.

The top roller slid right off its bolt, although there was evidence of corrosion at the ends of the bolt where moisture crept in. I did not see any evidence of an anti-seize product in place, so I am not surprised I am having this problem.

I really want to get this taken apart and cleaned up so the lower roller can spin freely on the bolt, as it is supposed to, vs. spinning the bolt and wearing the bolt down where it passes through the brackets.

So far I have tried to get some PB Blaster to penetrate in between the roller and the bolt. When I ran out of the PB, I switched to WD40. I have tried to get some form of penetrating oil on both ends of the roller.

We have some -80 C freezers at work. I threw the piece in there a couple of times for about an hour and then when I took it out I warmed the roller with the plumber torch. Still no dice, just a broken punch thus far.

Any other thoughts?

Thanks in advance for any helpful ideas you may have!

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