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Default Portable saw mill?

I cut down one of the old cedars in my front yard this weekend, and I want to reuse it for projects around the house. I want to have it cut into large timber (s).

Option 1: Pay the mobile sawmill guy $200 to come to me, then an hourly rate to cut it on site. With only one tree, the setup fee is a little spendy, but it would mean no real transportation issues on either end.

Option 2: Pay a tow truck driver to back up to my front lawn, and winch it onto the back. I'm guessing he would charge at least $100 to drive it up to the sawmill, and I would still need to get the lumber home.

Option 3: Borrow a 20' trailer, throw my snatch block on the front and PTO that sucker down onto the trailer and haul it up to the mill. Wait around for him to cut it, then drive back to the house with the trailer and unload.

Thoughts? It's still going to be difficult to move those beams around, but I'm guessing I could handle those much easier than the full tree.
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