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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
I asked about the fuel pump because there isn't a return line hooked up from the carb which there should be.

A smog pump, ABV and air rail should just about do the trick for passing smog if it's running right, and good news is they're easy to find. The harder parts to find will be the BVSV, VTV, 2 VSVs and vacuum surge tank, as that stuff is specific to 77. That is, assuming you would want to return it back to the oem configuration and don't want to pay SOR prices. Do you still have electrical plugs on the passenger side apron for the VSVs? Do you still have the charcoal canister?

It's probably just a coincidence that yours and mine both have 78 carbs, SOR has excellent pictures for reference.
I have electrical connections on the driver's side apron... I thought that was where all this stuff lived? If not, I'm not sure what these connections are for.

No charcoal canister... I don't think, where does it live?
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