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Nice little cedar you have there. I sawed about a semi load a couple of years ago and sold almost all of it. Do you need the long length ? If not, your yield would be much better in shorter lengths because yield is determined by the smallest end. I usually cut cedar 8-10' because of the heavy taper.

You can easily side load logs even with a come-along using this method. We've loaded hardwood logs up to 36" using this method (too heavy for the skid loader).

Most guys think it is fun to go see their logs opened up like a book. This is my mill (sorry it is in Indiana) as I open up a surprisingly nice and clear honey locust. The kind of tree with long thorns that puncture tires.

What I don't custom saw or keep for my woodworking business gets hauled to the pallet mill nearby.

. . . and then it gets stacked like this to air dry.

I like to show off my wood. Wait, that didn't come out right.
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