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Default 1.5" or 2.5" OME on a 100

I just picked up a 03 TLC and the tires have about 15K of life. I'm thinking new tires need to come with a lift. I promised the CFO that I won't be modifying this rig but I lied. I'm not planning to go big off roading with this rig...I got my fill of 4+ trails with my old 80. I'm thinking more mild trails with expedition type road trips over mountain passes. I don't plan to go bumpers or sliders. Keeping close to stock MPG is more of a priority. The 100 just looks too mall mommy car as it sits stock. What is your opinion of the 1.5" OME 865 medium lift? What is the best tire size with the lift? Anyone running this and have pictures?

I know what your thinking...why go 1.5" when 2.5" will give me that much more lift and tire options. I have not ruled out this option yet either. These vehicles are a curse!
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