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Default bring my winch to Moab for me??

I have been searching for a winch, specifically a 9.5 XP-S for my short bus. Warn winches dont come up very often on Craigslist. I found one today on Craigslist-Denver, and im in Phoenix. Its a Warn 9.5 XP, so cable and roller fairlead. The seller says he bought it new a year ago and never used it, sold his FJ, and now it sits. Its a good deal, quite a bit under retail, and all I have to do is get some synthetic line and hawse fairlead.

So what im asking one of you guys is this. I will be attending Cruise Moab this year, arriving on Tuesday.(My 3rd Cruise Moab) I can deposit into your account or send you the $900, he said he will meet anywhere from Denver to Fort Collins(hes in Fort Collins). And you buy the winch for me and bring it to Moab as long as the winch looks and is what he says it is. It should look brand new if it never been installed.

This isnt a scam, and I know I can trust you guys. Ive been on 'mud for over 5 years so im legit, with the same username on that side of the board. I doubt one of you guys would try to pull something crazy either. If this is something one of you guys or gals could do, that would be awesome. I'll even let you help me drop the Slee shortbus and slip it in at Slickrock campground over a couple beers!! (kidding....kinda)

My trail assignments are the Wednesday for the overnighter with the Wasatch crew, Metal Masher on Friday, and Moab Rim on Saturday, and staying at the Hampton.

Let me know if one of you guys can help and I will tell the seller its a go and figure out the logistics of getting you the cash and the seller meeting you. He said he'd meet in Denver, so you wont have to travel at all.

Heres a shot of the winch off the ad. Anyone familiar with the 9.5 XP enough to know why the solenoid is centered over the drum and the 9.5 XP on the Warn website is off to the side? Just wondering.
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