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Originally Posted by FJCDan View Post
I am looking for input on a 4runner that Travis aka baja1d found on craigs list . It is a 90 4runner tha needs a 22re engine and 5 speed tranny. also needs wiring harness, exhast and who knows what else. The truck has a 4" lift and 33's. He want's $500.00 for it. Is this a project that might be too much or maybe a good deal. Does anyone here in the club have a engine and tranny laying around that would work for this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are thinking about this for our 17 year old Grand daughter who likes to come out on our runs.
I would pass on that rig and buy something that runs, in order to maintain the energy and enthusiasm of the young adult. Looking for, then rebuilding, installing, then working out the bugs/emissions of a drivetrain might be too much in spring when your 17. This is just my opinion of course.
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