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I sure would not argue with low and slow (it's my current build on the same truck). Everytime I broke something I was trying to climb something crazy (like fireman's hill) and a bounce or two - POP! I did not have dual cases or a 4.7 at the time either.

However, it does depend on your plans. I LOVED my IFS on fire roads In fact, I ran 31's and a swaybar disconnect for years and went places I had no right to make it into. If it had the Total Chaos long travel kit I might reconsider since it uses T100 stock axles on the IFS.

Then again, if you are going with dual cases, then you are talking about new drive shafts. If you are talking new drive shafts, you may as well drop that carrier bearing out of the plan. If you are going to turn larger tires, probably some gears and lockers would be nice. Now that you have done all that work, don't you wish you'd have started with a straight axle with some longfields?

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