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I just sent him this email after he inquired about whether I found someone to make the purchase for me.

Sorry, its been a busy weekend. Heres the deal. I got a guy in Denver that you can deliver the winch too. I told him about the winch and that it has never been used. It should look brand new correct? I told him that if it appears new and un-used than to make the purchase. So I need to know if its been sitting in your garage since new, mounted on a vehicle since you purchased it, or anything else. I hate to screw up a deal because a friend of mine assumes he will be buying a winch that looks like it just came out of the box, yet its got a little sun fade on it because its been mounted but never used. I ask because the cable doesnt look tightly spooled on the drum like from the factory and the solenoid is sitting on top. Let me know the details. Im all for making this happen, just have to know the details. Whats your schedule like and when can you make it up to Denver with it?"
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