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I didn't think to bring a camera unfortunately. Thought I saw Marco snapping photos of the work day.

He's being generous, it's pretty rusty for 12 year old truck. Still have plenty more time ahead sanding and painting. This took care of the most pressing stuff, though. I can deal with the rest of it over the summer in parallel with the other things I want to do to it. I've been holding off doing anything or even driving it much until I saw what I was up against.

It was breezy, so Isaac was fighting against the gas being blown away. We should have parked the truck inside. That would have made painting easier, too.

Those CBI plates were worth the money, really the only thing they could have done was to put a hole in them to match up to a vent in the frame that got covered but is still exposed from behind. Small complaint because otherwise for $60 they saved a ton of headache and look nice.

Driving home I'm pretty sure the truck seemed more solid. Could be that I wanted it to seem more solid, though. One thing is for sure, Toyota screwed the pooch on the design and manufacturing of these frames. This truck was never heavily wheeled and doesn't show evidence of ever being a work truck, so probably typical use. Camping, chores, etc and it has the start of the frame ripple. Unless the bed of a 1st gen Tacoma is literally never used I bet most of them have tweaked frames.

Thanks Isaac for giving up a Saturday on short notice. Marco for the help and use of your shop and especially for the ribs! Good to see you guys, Perry, Matt, Bruce and Nakman.

Sounds like it's time for a ham class and test.
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