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my schedule is tight this week, but let me know if you need a hand with in denver and could meet the guy if you don't already have somebody lined up..i won't be out in moab til thursday morning however, so it won't be there in time for the overnight.

just got an xd9000 off a guy on CL who had it on his fj before he sold it...said he only used it twice...took it all apart to clean and re-grease everything and the wear on the drum and housing definitely say that he used it more than he said...hard to really believe everything that people say on CL..

but that said, it still looks like a clean winch...if the connections appear clean, the drum doesn't appear too marred up and the housing isn't too banged up, at least it wasn't abused and you'd most likely get MANY years of great pulls out of the thing..

had an issue with the one i got too with poor wires..he didn't take care of them and had exposed wires in the ground that's another thing to look at..i had him take $20 off for the wire issue and missing mounting bolts..i just reused my solenoid, wires and mounting bolts off my m8000 so i wasn't concerned..
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